Steel Rivets

In today’s video we discuss Basic Solid Riveting. I will undertake a basic solid riveting project to show you how to do the job. As well as explaining some of the important basic details of solid rivet installation. Whether it be rivet guns, bucking bars, solid rivets themselves, I discuss it all in this video. Check out the video for math basics of solid rivets as well as the tools associated with riveting.

Air Craft Tool Supply:

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*** 4x Rivet Gun:

*** Bucking Bar and Rivet Set Kit:

*** Economy Riveter:

*** Rivet Cutter:

*** Rivet Gauge:

*** 1/8″ Cleco Fasteners and Pliers:

*** 3/16″ Cleco Fasteners and Pliers:

*** Cleco Combo Kit with Pliers:


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The opinions expressed in this video are my own, from my personal experience. This is not a paid product advertisement. Please feel free to let me know what you think of this tool, or suggest alternatives I should check out.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement. This video is solely my opinions from the use of these products and based on the specifications of them.

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