Stainless Steel Rivets

The final video in our Quarter-Turn Fastener series goes in-depth on solid rivets; also known as smash rivets. Along with a look at how these rivets are used and tools necessary for installation; Tim explains why solid rivets should be used for self-eject fasteners.

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Thousands of different fasteners are used in motorsports and one of the most popular used for securing body panels and interiors are called, “Quarter-Turn Fasteners,” also known by the brand name “Dzus.”

With literally hundreds of quarter-turn fastener types, mounting configurations, size and thickness options, finding the right combination for your application can be extremely frustrating. Additionally, if the fasteners are not used or installed correctly, they are easily lost and in some cases, cause thousands of dollars in damage to body panels and paint.

To clear up some of the confusing regarding quarter-turn / dzus fasteners, we have put together a series of in-depth videos that will make it easy to select, install and maintain the correct fasteners for your application.

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