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More spicy capsaicin - is to make chili are so hot chemicals - been shown to mimic the natural secretion of human hair wig factor, can promote cheap human hair growth. So, eat chili to make your cheap human hair extensions grow faster, oh. Drink soy milk have the same effect, legumes rich in isoflavones may promote hair growth. If you can not eat spicy food, then drink milk right supplement biotin Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, is essential to the normal metabolism of fat and protein substances, but also to maintain normal growth, development and health of essential nutrients, can not be synthesized via . If your diet is not getting enough biotin, may hinder the growth rate of the human hair lace wigs. Tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and beets contain biotin, may wish to eat these vegetables to do salad bar! Massage scalp massage the scalp can promote blood circulation and help the scalp skin metabolism and shedding dead skin cells, but also can speed up the growth rate of the hair. Decompression definitive studies have proved that pressure can lead to full lace human hair wigs growth is slow, if you pressure, looking for a healthy way to relieve stress relief, let your hair grow faster, oh.

In the footsteps of spring slowly approaching, many people will be exposed from the clothing with New Year's atmosphere, perhaps just a red vest skirt shiny enough to feel, going to teach you today small with a small plate made dress hairstyle, so you can also, like France, like elegant ladies. step1: first the human hair lace front wigs by 6: 4 ratio partitions. step2: aside from the human hair lace front wigs more than the amount withdrawn beginning Lianglv hair. step3: the ride in front of a bunch of hair on top of the second beam. step4: Beyond Lianglv cheap human hair wigs above each increased by a small bunch of hair. step5: According to the above method while adding a new bundle of hair braided hair while doing two shares sequel. step6: allocated to the location of the ear with a hair band fixed. The small amount of best human hair weave from the head side also began braided hair. step7: After a good job on both sides of the hair fixed. step8: All hair tied back in a low ponytail Collapse can be completed the first Zafar. step9: can also be tied into a bun ponytail wound u-hairpin fixed, the entire human hair wig is complete, whether it is low or low ponytail human hair lace front wigs for black women will make you look gentle and moving.

In "Crane shadow" as the theme of JICHENG shine at Shanghai Fashion Week, designers blend of oriental ink and one of the most respected animal - Crane, with a feather texture, free and comfortable simple outline for urban women to create sophisticated real wear elegant new image. L'Oreal Paris salon exclusive interlacing Mawei echoes the design of the human hair full lace wigs intertwined halves coupled with neat ponytail, ponytail slightly monotonous break the pattern, with a weaving technique full of texture and Oriental echoes JICHENG feminine design, modern Women new image vividly before us. Build steps: 1, the use of sulfur rhyme cream color dew 125ml / 248RMB use Okinawa Choi Yun Cream (Oscar bottle) brushed the blonde human hair extensions frizz so docile, to create the perfect cheap full lace wigs human hair "makeup" 2, interwoven to create a semi-hair Part two areas were divided into left and right, and the average fixed interwoven with the card 3, neat ponytail hair remaining portion to create a neat ponytail 4, the United States caused by plastic curly human hair weave spray 200ml / 148RMB Fashion Week backstage as the star full lace human hair wigs product, elegant butterfly hairspray the overall shape is an essential artifact

Attended the opening ceremony the guests attended the launching ceremony, the world-famous brand salon TONI & amp; GUY TONI cover officially arrived January 3rd Xiamen Xiamen News: stylish human hair lace front wigs, colorful stage lighting, a trend with a fresh haircut and a gluttonous show lit up the night Yuandang lake. January 1 New Year's Day, the world famous brand salon TONI & amp; GUY TONI cover settled Xiamen Siming, and officially opened. Siming Chen Tianyou propaganda minister, attended the opening event, event also attracted many people stop onlookers, live applause and cheers come and go, a warm atmosphere. The salon is the first flagship store in Fujian Province. As a world-renowned brand salon TONI & amp; GUY will bring the public "subversive fashion hair on," manager Owen said, TONI & amp; GUY will of professional hair cutting-edge fashion design, careful and thoughtful experience cheap human hair treatments, pure cat feces coffee and other drinks and Italian cuisine to Xiamen. T stage show distinctive mannequin heads with human hair site lucky draw that day event attracted a large number of people to attend the exciting catwalk models and brilliant stage effects people stare.